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Details About Our Church Financial Assistance Program

We are a church of faith that purposes to assist those who are needy within our community. We are located in Virginia and operate a financial assistance program we call the Hope Fund in the greater Fredericksburg area. Our funds are limited, but we are committed to providing some kind of help for those in need. As much as we try, we cannot reach out to everyone who is struggling. But with your assistance, we can make a huge impact on the lives around us. Read on to familiarize yourself with our program. If you can, please share what we offer, and we will touch a soul today through your help.

We Have a Donation Program

We receive funds from church member’s and also well-wishers. We welcome all forms of donations, whether monetary or not. If you would love to donate to our Hope Fund financial assistance program, you can do it via our website. Alternatively, you can also come physically to Real Life Community Church. With your donation, we will take care of not only our community spiritual needs but also physical needs. In case you do not have anything tangible to donate. We would appreciate your company in our food distribution program. We also welcome you spreading the news of our demonstration of God's love for our community.

What Type of Assistance Do We Offer?

We provide help to the needy within our community despite their culture or ethnicity. Currently, we are running a Fredericksburg regional church charity program in the England run area whereby we feed families in distress. Moreover, we offer financial assistance to those who are not in a position to pay their utility bills, rent or purchase essentials. We also have a dream of starting a community center. Whereby we will be hosting the homeless or those who have been evicted. After we establish the community center, we will also have enough room for many types of ministries, including spiritual ones. We hope we will be able to grow our assistance in the greater Fredericksburg region.

Who Do We Help?

Our church financial assistance is meant to help our beloved community members. Currently, we are focusing on the England Run neighborhood in Fredericksburg. But ultimately we will reach out the needy in other parts of the world. As long as we have the funds, nothing will limit us to assist those who require help.

Why Do We Help the Needy?

Our doctrine was not established to provide spiritual nourishment only. Our name publishes our mission, we are a community church. Consequently, we offer service to our community by assisting the less fortunate. We emulate the example of Jesus Christ. He fed those who were following Him by miraculously increasing the amount of fish and bread to feed the hungry. Jesus took care of people’s physical needs. It is up to us as Christians to do the same. If you are moved to contribute to Real Life's Hope Fund and meet needs in the Fredericksburg area, you can do it by contacting us via our website.

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