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Surprising Facts About Church Charity

Church charity nowadays has become a sensitive topic. This is because most people assume that their tithes and offerings are enough to take care of charitable assistance programs organized by the church. The fact is, in most cases, church offerings are not enough to meet the needs of our neighbors. The following are some facts about giving in the church in the world we are living in today.

Charitable Assistance Giving Has Declined

According to statistics church charity giving in the US has reduced over the years. Most people have stopped using the church to help the needy. Instead, they are using nonprofit sectors. It is a good thing to have numerous organizations offering helping the needy. But, it is noble for Christians to use their church organizations to give back to society. It does not make sense for Christians to use organizations that are not religious-based to give back to the community.

People Have Stopped Giving

The Bible compels Christians to give, but most don’t heed to this commandment. According to statistics, Americans give only 2% of their money to charity yearly. It is not decent for Christians to be ranked below average in giving. If Christians devoted themselves to giving to charity, it would be a good example to non-believers. One doesn’t have to give what they can’t afford. You should start with what you have, such as food distribution.

Young Christians Rarely Give

Recently, the majority of those who give to church charity are the seniors. Well, this makes sense bearing in mind that the older folks are more financially stable. However, the church has to grow, and the old will not live forever. Consequently, the millennials should also start giving in the church.

The Church Requires Funds to Run Effectively

God doesn’t require funds to make an impact on our lives. This is because He is the creator. Therefore, he will still work his ways to bless people with our input or not. Unfortunately, the church requires donations to function. There are utility bills, travel expenses and staff salaries to cover. There is no way the church will change its ethical standards to gain money. The only thing the church organization can do is to ask its members to contribute. It is up to Christians to listen to that request and do the necessary.

God Has Commanded Christians to Give

In Leviticus 27:30, it is written that every ten percent of the land, whether fruits or grains, belongs to the Lord. Consequently, it should be set apart as holy. In the new testaments, Christians are further commanded to give generously. Moreover, there are numerous benefits, including blessings that Christians gain after giving. We should always recall that God would not want us to share what we don’t have. Participating in small charitable functions like food distribution is enough. In case you would love to give you can look for a church charity program in your locality. For instance, looking for a food distribution Fredericksburg church program.

There Are Flexible Means to Give

If you are not in a position to go to church, it is not a valid excuse not to give. You can give to your church charity via your phone or online means. Most churches have adopted digital offering methods. Consequently, even when their members are stuck at home, they can give.

Should I Give to the Needy?

As Christians, it is noble to give. For starters, it is biblical, and also it is human. As long as you are well-off, don’t forget it is God who has blessed you. It is virtuous to give back to the society as a way of thanking Him. If you have not participated in church charity programs for a while, it’s time to do it. You can look for a program running in your neighborhood. For instance, looking for “food distribution Fredericksburg.”

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