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Why You Should Partner With Us

in Fellowship in Fredericksburg Virginia

Are you considering fellowshiping with a church in Fredericksburg, Virginia? Our fellowship is a great option. We are located at 11 SmokeHouse Drive Suite 103. Our Sunday service in  Fredericksburg starts at 9:30 AM. Keep reading to know why you should join our fellowship.

During Fellowship We Picture God

All of us are enjoying God’s grace in the world. We are prone to sin, and we are not perfect. Nevertheless, we have a purpose on earth to demonstrate aspects of God to those who live around us. Additionally, we have distinct gifts that are meant to be used in God's service when we meet together ion Sunday or on the street. If you compare our gifts to ingredients used when baking a cake. We can see that eggs or flour cannot make the cake alone- it takes all of us as ingredients to fully minister God's Word.

Moreover, there is no day that eggs will serve the purpose of flour. But, when they are mixed together, they make a delicious cake. It is the same case with fellowship. When we are together, we use our gifts to glorify God. The Bible in Romans 12:4-6 compares the church to a body that contains numerous members. Every church member has specific functions and gifts. We should meet together to utilize them and bring Glory to God.

Real Life Community Church Fellowship In Fredericksburg Will Make You Stronger

There is no time you will always be 100% self-sufficient, especially in matters of faith. No matter where you are in your Christian journey, our fellowship will provide you with strength. As you stay with your fellow believers, you will automatically grow your faith in Christ. Additionally, we will help in prayers. In this life, you will always need prayer. Group prayers are especially effective since God hears and answers the fervent effectual prayers of the righteous. As it is written in Matthew 18:19-20 that if two people agree on something when they are here on earth, the Heavens will do it for them.

Additionally, it says that if two or three meet for the sake of Christ, He will be with them. You do not have to pray in your house alone. Join us, and we shall pray together.

Real Life Will Encourage You

Life is not predictable. There will be difficult bad days like when you lose a loved one or face a dire illness. Such days can push you to strong disillusionment and feelings of detachment. During such a time real Life, Fredericksburg will be there for you. We will do it in accordance with biblical teachings. For it is written in Hebrews 10:24-25 that we should come up with ways to encourage each other through good works and acts of love. The bible further insists that we should not neglect to hold spiritual meetings. Instead, we should keep on encouraging each other, especially in these days we are living when the return of Christ is drawing near. We cannot promise to make dark times better, but we will be there for you and pray with you.

Worshiping at Real Life Fredericksburg Will Be Miraculous

Do you know music is always miraculous? The feeling gets better when you listen and sing hymns and gospel music. The message will automatically uplift your spirit. When you visit our church we will worship the Lord together. This will be therapeutic as you open your heart to God; your problems will be lifted off your shoulders. By the end of our time in fellowship, your heart will be filled with the joy of the Lord. Through worship, you will find a deeper meaning of your life. This is essential if your week was filled with stressful moments. Even when you are too low to talk to anyone, a conversation with God always helps.

This may be precisely what you need a time like now. Our society is still navigating the disruption of life brought on us by Coronavirus. Don't let mandates of physical distancing create spiritual disconnection. We will return to a time when no rules will prevent us from going to church so do not let anything hold you back now or then.

We Worship Christ

We live in an era with so many doctrines, and one may be scared to go to a new church because it's not clear what the church believes in. Real Life Community Church is a family of faith. We worship God, and we help our members find reverence for Him as they live their best lives. In case you have children don’t forget to come with them. It is good to teach your children spiritual ways at a young age. As the bible says when they get older, they will not depart from them.

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