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who are we?

Real Life Community Church (RLCC) is an ethnically and culturally diverse church off of Route 17 in Stafford Virginia in the England Run neighborhood. RLCC has been on a journey to engage the community using an intentional embracing of cultural diversity known by us as VIBE –


Valuing diversity 

Intentionally inclusive 

Breaking down barriers 

Embracing differences  


VIBE is in our church's DNA and to journey with us is a challenge to believers to aggressively demonstrate the love of God across all lines of societal division.


We believe in salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and see Christ's sacrifice on the cross and subsequent resurrection as the only hope of salvation and glory.  We believe in progressive sanctification as the means by which our lives are brought into conformity with the image of Christ and we believe the Church is the expression of God’s presence and love in the world today and, as such, we have the responsibility to: spread the Gospel; minister to the needs of the homeless, sick, imprisoned, orphaned, widowed, and those generally under-served; disciple and equip the believer; and prepare for Christ’s eventual return.

our pastors and leaders:
Wm David Tillman

Senior Pastor

Alicia Tillman

First Lady and Elder

Jose Moreno

Senior Pastor, Iglesia Vida Real

Bruce Bixby

Elder Chairman

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